OSWIN | a lifeline

In 2015, I turned my life on its head. Today, I want to divulge the depth of the reason behind that choice: once upon a time, I wrote a novel.

Two-thousand four-hundred thirty-six days. Eighty months. More than six and a half years.

Is that how long it takes to write a book? No. (Thank the world.)

However, that is how long it can take to write an identity. To face the fear of looking inward. To set on a journey to transform whom I had been, whom I wanted to be. To unleash the soul within.

One of the biggest dreams I have ever possessed was to write a novel. On 03 July 2009, I wrote the first word. By autumn 2009, I finished my dream! 

So I had thought. 

Imagine, not being able to own up to whom you are, to convey what is deepest to you. You surf through life on the surface, until a wave swallows you under — and to your surprise, that's where you feel at home… How do you own the fact that you are meant to dive, when all you have ever done is surf? I imagine I am not alone in this conundrum.

As boldly stated by Marianne Williamson:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Back when I was an awkward teen with low self-esteem, I wrote the story I wanted to read. Unknowingly, I created a debt to society — this is a gift I have, and I have withheld it. This is a debt that can kill the soul.

This novel is my lifeline.

2436 days later in early March 2016, it will be available to the Universe as an ebook, with physical and audio versions to follow.

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PS: A magnitude of gratitude to Derek Rudy for materializing the cover, a dream that's been stuck in my head all these years.