Science fiction, superpowers, and Harry Potter were a big part of my life growing up in the 2000s. Stories were being stoked and inspired within me just as much as I was immersing myself in the stories of others. I used to fall asleep by embodying a character in a narrative that I mentally wrote every night as I drifted into dreamland. Each night, it progressed somewhere new. It was never the same, it never ended. It allowed me to play as people I would never be, to feel feelings I would never experience. These were my dream stories. Until some undetermined time, when I just stopped doing it.
As I was coming to the end of my sophomore year of high school, I made the choice to achieve something that had been a background dream of mine for ages by then: to write a novel. In that summer of 2009 when I was still seventeen, I set my fingertips to the keys for thirty days straight, up to ten hours a day, and wrote Oswin. For being written by a seventeen year old, it has its faults (I was a stubborn writer back then!), but so many of its passages speak so deeply to me still. It would take me another seven years to find the confidence to own up to something I created and share it with the world in 2016.
That failure of confidence, and finally finding my voice beyond the pages, is the backbone of Inner Child (2018), my next book.
– Timm


Seventeen years after a covert medical operation, turmoil takes over the life of Oswin, an everyday teen guy with a mysterious pet cube.

The new superpower is the least of his worries — his best friend thinks him a fraud, a surgeon blackmails his life, and his adoptive family cannot accept him.

With the alien cube whispering in his head, Oswin struggles between a decision to cling to the safe life he is used to, or stand up for the truth of who he really is, and what he has to do.

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